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Fresh ideas * Brighter futures


About Us:

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Although the two fields are not entirely related, OrangeSun’s founders, partners and team of independent consultants have helped establish a niche service offering by sharing and utilizing the knowledge gained from the pitfalls and challenges faced in each of these industries; allowing one to benefit from the other in the overall big picture.

This fresh idea and unique combination of industry knowledge, we believe, can lead to incredibly productive environments that foster creativity, effective communication and quick turn around times for project deliverables and bottom line results leading to brighter futures! for us as well as our customers.

??? Our goal in the creation of OrangeSun is to bridge gaps and build relationships from a global standpoint. Our key strength being that we are a team of independent consultants with varied experiences and industries of knowledge, pooled into one big resource, working towards a common goal. We are creative in our service offerings and in the nature of the projects we take on in both Trading & Consulting.

At OrangeSun we provide customers with a modern and customized method of problem solving whether it is in the field of Information Technology, Project Management OR International Trade and Manufacturing. We combine tools and resources to brainstorm the best methodology to be adopted and customized for the situation at hand without letting you worry about all the formalized processes and steps involved.

Welcome to OrangeSun!

OrangeSun has over 25 years of combined consultants experience in its core services and we pride ourselves in being a powerhouse of information, research and global networks.

“Customer Testimonials ”

~ Coming Soon???

“Customer Testimonials”

~ Coming Soon???

Core Services:

??? Our aim is to foster an environment of creativity to solve customer problems by thinking outside the box while utilizing a rock solid foundation in IT Consulting, Project Management practises & International trading/sourcing of High-end Technical Products.

  1. ? Project Management Consulting in Information Technology, Production & Operations environments from Industrial & Manufacturing right down to Process Improvements, Efficiency Training & Project Communication.

  1. ? International trading & sourcing of technical products such as high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum machines, oil and lubricants. OrangeSun’s services in the Trading arm does not stop there... We are also well networked with India, China, Middle East & the Africa's to facilitate trade in other goods, import, export and related services as the need arises for our existing clients and to enable growth for us and potential new customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you do business internationally and connect you with the fastest growing economies and nations in the world!