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Fresh ideas * Brighter futures


Our Approach

    We believe in growth through sharing of knowledge, resources, tools and information. Customers should not have to worry about costs every time they want to talk to professionals. We live in an information age and at OrangeSun we work hard at researching and bringing the information our customers need to their doorsteps.

We believe in helping you see the value in our services and meeting your needs. Hence we are very flexible in the projects we take on, looking at it through a value proposition rather than an hourly basis. We take on projects on an hourly, daily, monthly and overall value basis. If we don’t need to be billing you per hour we don't!

We love challenging projects and no matter the level of complexity, through detailed research and analysis coupled with effective, honest communication we can help put all the pieces together for you.

“Customer Testimonials”

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We initially start out with a ‘no charge’ discovery period of about one week whereby we study, assess and estimate the project work to be completed. We take this time to get to know the clients needs by comparing and confirming goals with stakeholders, end users and functional teams. Once our estimates and assessments are complete we share this with everyone and propose how we can help and areas where we can help the customer grow. Depending on the nature of the projects, almost always we are able to meet all deadlines, timelines and budget needs within our initial estimates, giving our clients peace of mind that the job will be done professionally, on time and under budget.


The way our Trading arm operates is such that we enable sourcing and international trade of high tech industrial products and commercial use goods into areas and economies that need that influx to help propel it forward and take advantage of the technical, industrial and information age that is helping developed countries prosper. We aim to help under-developed and developing nations of the world realize and maximize their potential by being the bridge or ‘portal’ to such international networks and markets.

Over the years we have invested time and relations to build strong trade agreements and presence in international markets. We work with a small group of well established manufacturers, suppliers and vendors with whom we have key agency agreements and trading partner relations. OrangeSun maintains sole rights through its Middle Eastern trading partners to distribute the specialized products for these vendors. We are open to creating trade alliances with companies in new regions of distribution so as to enable growth and goodwill. More importantly, we invest time and money to provide samples, demo’s and information to our end users / customers as per their needs or areas of interest with our products and service offerings.

Please contact us at to get a copy of our business prospectus which highlights all of the products, services and vendors that are part of our growing international network.