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Fresh ideas * Brighter futures


At OrangeSun, we take pride in listening to our customers and customizing industry standard methodologies to suit your needs.

Creative Consulting

“Customer Testimonials”

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    Our Project Management & IT Consulting arm is very unique in the type of projects we take on and services provided therein. We take on new, incomplete or abandoned projects (small and large) that are in much need of rescuing and bring on certified professionals to help assess and complete the work at an incredibly reasonable rate. We are able to do so because we are independent and well networked so we are able to source professionals locally and internationally while taking advantage of remote work environments and offshoring segments of our projects for ‘around the clock work’. We also work with local talent and independent consultants in most regions. Contact us to learn more.

Certified Professionals on our teams:

  1. PMP Certified Project Managers

  2. CISA & CISM Certified IT Consultants

  3. Google Certified Internet Marketing Consultants

Other growing Consulting areas:

  1. Internet Marketing & Web Design

  2. IT Networking Services & Consulting

  3. Emerging Entrepreneurs & Venture Capital Projects

In each of our key business arms we provide the following services and continue to grow to add more:

Project Management & IT Consulting Services in:

  1. 1.Production & Operations environments for both Industrial & Manufacturing

  2. 2.Process Documentation, Mapping & Requirements Gathering

  3. 3.Process Improvement Projects & Efficiency Training

  4. 4.IT Audits & Compliance Projects

  5. 5.Portfolio and Program Management

  6. 6.Enterprise System Implementations & Integrations (ERP, CRM, SCE & POS)

  7. 7.Project Staffing & Recruitment (Offshoring)

  8. 8.Change Management & Overall Project Communication

    We also provide expert Technical Consulting for all of our International trading and technical products and services of our other business arm. Our consulting and trading environments have a symbiotic relationship whereby we share the expertise of consulting with the experienced knowledge of technical products when assessing needs, providing setup and installations and even answering general inquiries. We share information openly with a ‘no charge for knowledge sharing’ attitude so as to foster goodwill and better international working relationships. Please contact us at to learn more.